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The resources on this page are intended to assist churches who are looking at means to foster growth in their congregation (spiritual for those already present as well as numeric by adding new persons). There is no silver bullet on this page which will easily accomplish that task.

Congregational development involves discovering the gifts already existing within the congregation and the needs in the community and bringing these two together in order to more fully live into being the body of Christ. This is never easy, but neither is it optional. The resources below are offered to assist in this process.

Loose Canon Blog
This is the Rev. Canon Frank Logue’s repository of information which includes his weekly emails on congregational development, together with other items of interest.

Church Development Institute
Follow this link to full information on the Diocese of Georgia’s training for clergy and lay leaders.

Clergy Conference PowerPoint
At the Spring 2010 Clergy Conference, Randy Ferebee was our presenter. His Powerpoint presentation and notes are online here: Diocese of Georgia Conference PowerPoint 

The Church Toolbox
This is an online resource created by the Diocese of Virginia Commission on Church Development. Included are pages on:

Congregational Development from The Episcopal Church
This is the web page for congregational development within The Episcopal Church with areas on:

Congregational Resource Guide
This is an effort of the Alban Institute and the Indianapolis Center for Congregations created to help congregational leaders connect with resources to foster vitality in their communities of faith.

“To grow and to continue growing, it is necessary for each mainstream church
to become a vital religious institution, vibrant with the presence of God.
It must develop a clear religious identity, a compelling religious purpose,
and a coherent sense of direction that arises from that purpose”
Rerouting the Protestant Mainstream: Sources of Growth and Opportunities for Change

(C. Kirk Hadaway and David A. Roozen, Abingdon, 1995, p. 86)

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