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Supply Priests &  Available Non-Stipendiary (Diocesan) Priests
Last update on October 16, 2017

Congregations are expected to reimburse the priest’s travel expenses at the current rate (50¢ per mile)  and overnight lodging where necessary. The diocesan standard honorarium is $150 per main Sunday service or funeral (plus $50 for graveside); $100 for graveside only; $50 for each additional Sunday and/or weekday service; $250, wedding.

These rates do not, of course, apply to parish priests who do not charge additional fees for the sacraments of the church, but only to those priests coming in to “supply” at a church they do not serve as Vicar, Rector, or other position whose compensation is set by a Letter of Agreement approved by the vestry and bishop.

The preferred way of contact is listed first:

Anywhere in the Diocese

Abbott, Gary  478/230-9306

Andre, Carol, osh 706/798-5201

Angus, Joslyn 912/346-0084

Buechner, Rick 229/403-6640

Evans, Steve 912/355-3532

Fisher, Joy 478/731-8183

Keys, Joel, 912-638-4355

McDonnell, Richard 843/301-2853

Mirate, Galen 229/561-0747

 I-75 Route & Augusta

Gibson, Robert 478/633-1314

Albany Convocation

Behrend, Bill (ELCA), 229/291-0238 Mobile
(Sundays & Wednesdays, 100 mile radius of Albany)

**Clift, Joe 229/698-4246
(also Valdosta, Thomasville, Bainbridge) – not available 2nd & 4th Sundays

Long, Gail A. 229-883-2750

Augusta Convocation

Ampah, Rosina OSH 706/798-5201 (needs transportation)

McDonnell, Richard 843/301-2853

Nead, Prescott, 706/339-8292

Winters, Rhett 803/278-1900


Abbott, Gary  478/230-9306

Ampah, Sr. Rosina OSH 706/798-5201  x209

Clendinen, Jim 912/585-7784

Nelson, Richard  912/655-8017

Central, Albany, Southwestern

Bullion, Jim 229/347-2450 Mobile

Buechner, Rick 229/403-6640

Cox, James 229/247-3241

Heinemann, Ann 229/436-1737



Brueggemann, Bill (ELCA) 575-317-3261

Hunt, John 912-777-9968

Lea, Buck, 912-598-5267

McDonnell, Richard 843/301-2853

Nelson, Richard  912/655-8017

Salley, George 912/659-1553

Todd, Charles  912/441-9027

Weeks,  Lowell “Dell” (ECLA) 912/398-5997

Wyer, George 912/598-1938


Pearce, John (ELCA), 609/335-1879 Mobile (Tuesdays-Fridays)

Clendinen, Jim 912/585-7784

Moore, Michael 904/316-8777

Nelson, Richard  912/655-8017

Zivanov, Liz 808/295-4111

 Non-stipendiary and/or retired priests currently serving missions

**Clift, Joe, Holy Trinity, Blakely 2nd & 4th Sundays

Curtis Johnson, Good Shepherd, Swainsboro

Andy Menger, St. Mary’s, Augusta

Offer corrections to contact information and availability
to the diocesan staff at 912-236-4279


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