Leadership Development Initiatives

In the past five years, four initiatives began in the Diocese to equip lay and ordained leaders with the additional tools and resources they need for ministry. Together, the Diocese of Georgia’s Peer Coaching, Church Development Institute (CDI), Conflict Management, and Emotional Intelligence (EQHR) workshops strengthen bonds across the Diocese while providing the highest level of training for our church leaders.

What is the impact of these programs?
You can see how these programs are making a positive impact on the Diocese through the many projects initiated by CDI teams. Between the eight sessions when CDI meets at Honey Creek during the two-year program, the participants have projects they complete as part of their experiential learning. The Very Rev. Denise Ronn is pictured at left leading a group exercise during CDI.

Recently, a CDI participant at St. Michael’s, Waynesboro, had the idea to invite Pat Terry, a noted contemporary Christian singer to the church to sing. They then invited roughly 80 people from the community to join parishioners for the limited seating concert. They served cake and refreshments as well as tea and coffee. Senior Warden Ashton Blunt said, “To say Pat Terry was a hit is an understatement. More than seventy community members attended, many visiting St. Michael’s for the first time for the event. ”

Projects like this one are taking place regularly across the diocese as CDI teams are challenged to engage the congregation in improving or implementing ministries in their communities and to help the congregation grow numerically and spiritually. The team members then go back to CDI to reflect on the project following the model of “do-reflect-do.”

Beyond this, clergy report the effectiveness of peer coaching and the two five-day workshops in building their skills while creating a stronger bond among clergy. The Rev. Lonnie Lacey said, “I’ve noticed a palpable change in the level of relationship among our clergy. Priests and deacons come together and there is a sort of joy and a friendship there that seems renewed.” As a sense of isolation can be a significant stress for clergy, these connections are a benefit beyond lay and ordained leaders gaining additional tools for their ministries.

Progress to Date
These leadership initiatives are key strategies identified through the Campaign for Congregational Development. Participants have been lay and ordained persons from all six convocations in congregations large and small.

  • Our seven trained coaches are coaching 39 persons.
  • 62 lay and ordained leaders participated in CDI, with 55 graduated from the two-year training.
  • 40 persons completed the five day intensive conflict management workshop, with 11 of those graduating in the past year).
  • 38 persons completed the five-day EQHR workshop with 12 of those trained in the past year.

For more information, see this video report on the four initiatives.


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