Campaign for Congregational Development

Through the Campaign for Congregational Development, the Diocese of Georgia  raised the resources needed to address what we believe are the most important missionary needs of our congregations: to grow and strengthen our parishes empowering them to offer ministries to the people in their communities, to engage the youth and young adults in the life of the church, and to offer training and support to our clergy so that they become more competent and effective leaders.   The Campaign, which ended February 28, 2017, is enabling the Diocese to strengthen productive ministries and implement new ones that are enlivening its people and parishes.

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Planned Giving and The Legacy Society

The Legacy Society of the Diocese of Georgia was formed in 2005 to provide on-going education and support to parishes and congregations regarding planned giving activity. Its members are people in the Diocese who, as good stewards, have made a planned gift to their parish, to the Diocese, or to an Episcopal organization within the Diocese. By making a planned gift to one of these three entities, and making it known, one is automatically a member of The Legacy Society of the Diocese of Georgia.

The Legacy Society encourages every member of the Diocese to consider how one’s spiritual wealth is intertwined with financial wealth, and to look beyond one’s current financial patterns to include his or her parish, an Episcopal organization within the Diocese, or the Diocese itself, in the estate planning process. Gifts can take many forms and can be made for any amount- no gift is too small!

If you have already made a planned gift to your parish, we hope you will let it be known by completing the enrollment form and submitting to the Diocesan office. If you have not yet made a planned gift, we hope you will – your commitment will ensure that our congregations will have the resources to build up the Body of Christ for decades to come!



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