Parishes & Missions, Alphabetical Listing by Church Name
Updated  12/08/2017
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For staff and ministers not listed, contact the particular parish office via phone or website. To update information, contact the diocesan office. Letters in parentheses denote convocation. AL=Albany, AU=Augusta, C=Central, S=Savannah, SE=Southeastern, SW=Southwestern.
All Saints’, Thomasville (SW)
443 S. Hansell Street POB 2626                                              Voice (229) 228-9242
Thomasville / 31799-2626                                                        Fax (229) 228-9206
The Rev. Paul B. Hancock,
Ms. Nicolette Scott, Parish Secretary
Ms. Margit Miller Lloyd, Music Ministry
Margret Brinson, Education Director

All Saints’, Tybee Island (S)
804 Jones Avenue                                                                Voice (912) 786-5845
POB 727, Tybee Island / 31328
The Rev. June Johnson, Priest in Charge

Annunciation, Vidalia
1512 Meadows Lane (30474)                                                  Voice (912) 537-3776
POB 1311, Vidalia / 30475                                                        Fax (912) 537-0608
The Rev. Denise Vaughn, Rector
Ms. JoAnn Hutcheson, Parish Secretary
Dr. David Paine, Music Ministry

Atonement, Augusta
2616 Tobacco Road POB 5785                                                 Voice (706) 796-3545
Augusta / 30916-5785                                                             Fax (706) 796-3597
The Rev. Dr. Kurt Miller, Vicar
Ms Joyce Reid, Parish Secretary
Ms. Alice James, Music

Calvary, Americus
408 South Lee Street                                                            Voice (229) 924-3908
Americus / 31709

Deacon Dianne Hall
Donna B. Becton, Parish Administrator

Christ Church, Augusta
The Rev. Curtis Johnson, Vicar
Ms. Jan J. Swearingen, Parish Secretary
Ms. Jan Swearingen, Organist

Christ Church, Cordele
408 South First Street                                                                          Voice (229) 273-2439
POB 264, Cordele / 31015                                                        Fax (229) 273-2439
The Rev. Tar Drazdowski, Priest in Charge
Deacon John Lane                                                  

Christ Church, Dublin
318 Academy Avenue                                                           Voice (478) 272-3003
POB 417, Dublin / 31040                                                          Fax (478) 272-3062
Ms. Donovan Kicklighter, Music Min.

Christ Church, St. Marys
305 Wheeler Street                                                                              Voice (912) 882-5308
POB 7255, St. Marys / 31558                                                     Fax (912) 673-6321
The Rev. Canon Dedre Bell-Wolski, Interim Rector
Ms. Ann Merwin, Music Director
Angel Bernier, Parish Secretary

Christ Church, St. Simons Island
6329 Frederica Road                                                             Voice (912) 638-8683
St. Simons Island / 31522                                                        Fax (912) 638-4030
The Rev. Tom Purdy, Rector
The Rev. Ashton Williston, Curate
The Rev. Becky Rowell, Associate
Kathleen Turner, Organist and Choirmaster
Glenn Queener, Parish Administrator
Stan Kyker, Financial Administrator
Oscar Covington, Cemetery Superintendent
Harrison Branch, Sexton and Assistant Cemetery Superintendent

Christ Church, Savannah
Johnson Square – 28 Bull Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401
Mail: 18 Abercorn Street                                                       Voice (912) 236-2500
Savannah / 31401                                                           Fax (912) 236-2007
The Rev. Michael White, Rector
The Rev. Helen White, Assistant for Children & Family Ministries
The Rev. Liam G. Collins, Assistant for Pastoral care and Spiritual Life
Deacon Patti Davis
Samantha McKean, Assistant for Youth and Young Adult Ministries
Leslie Parker, Parish Administrator
Timothy L. Hall, Organist-Choirmaster

Christ Church, Valdosta
1521 N. Patterson Street                                                       Voice (229) 242-5115
Valdosta / 31602                                                                    Fax (229) 242-2247
The Rev. Dr. Dave Johnson, Rector
Ms. Kim Dudley, Church Administrator
Ms. Amy Creasy, Bookkeeper
Ms. Angela Duncan, Director of Music
Ms. Kathy Armstrong, Choirmaster
Ms. Millie Johnson, Director of Children’s Ministry

Christ the King, Valdosta
101 East Central Avenue (Mail: 3rd Floor)                                  Voice (229) 247-6859
Valdosta / 31601                                                                   
The Rev. Stanley J. White, Rector
Deacon Yvette Owens
Ms. Julie Van Ham, Rector’s Secretary

Good Shepherd, Augusta
2230 Walton Way                                                                 Voice (706) 738-3386
Augusta / 30904                                                                     Fax (706) 738-0745
The Rev. Robert Fain, Rector
The Rev. Dr. Andrew Menger, Asst. Rector
The Rev. Lynn B. Prather, Asst. Rector
The Rev. Curtis Johnson, Jr.
Mr. James Nord, Organist/Choirmaster
Mrs. Susan Christie, Parish Publications
Mrs. Laura Marshall, Children’s Ministry
Mrs. Belinda Peebles, Parish Nurse
The Rev. John Butin, Supply Priest
Ms. Zora Nobles, Parish Contact
Mr. Walter Holmes, Senior Warden
Good Shepherd, Swainsboro
621 West Main Street                                                            Voice (478) 237-7122
POB 74, Swainsboro / 30401
Ms. Judy McVey, Parish Secretary

Good Shepherd, Thomasville
515 Oak Street
POB 3136, Thomasville / 31799-3136

George Banks, organist

Grace, Sandersville
114 Second Avenue West                                                      Voice (478) 552-5295
POB 771, Sandersville / 31082                             [Nancy Golden] Fax (478) 553-0587
The Rev. Carlton Shuford, Priest-in-Charge
The Rev. Ira Jackson, Priest Associate
Pat Bryant, Senior Warden
Gail Murphy, Parish Clerk
Kathy Shuford, Secretary of Mission Council
Pat Lyons, Music Ministry/Organist

Grace, Waycross
401 Pendleton Street                                                            Voice (912) 283-8582
Waycross / 31501                                                                   Fax (912) 283-0360
The Rev. Kit Brinson, Rector
Ms. Nova Theriault, Parish Administrator
Ms. Susan Thigpen, Christian Education
Mr. Mike Taylor, Music Ministry

Holy Comforter, Martinez
473 Fury’s Ferry Road                                              Voice (706) 210-1133
Martinez, GA 30907                                                                 Fax (706) 210-4515
The Rev. Dr. Cynthia Taylor, Vicar
Ms. Lara Fort, Financial Secretary
Ms. Camille Howe, Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries
Ms. Alice Pulliam, Music Ministry

Holy Cross, Thomson
Fluker Street                                                                               (706) 667-8142
POB 211, Thomson / 30824                                                      Fax (706) 595-6332
The Rev. Ray Whiting, Vicar

Holy Nativity, St. Simons Island
615 Mallory Street                                                      Voice (912) 638-3733
St. Simons Island / 31522                                        Fax (912) 638-3730

The Rev. Thomas (Tommy) Townsend, Priest in Charge
Ann Russell, Parish Secretary

1170 Georgia Avenue                                                            Voice (229) 995-3040
POB 645, Dawson / 39842                                                        
The Rev. Freeman G. Cross, Jr., Vicar
Ms. Carolyn Duskin, Organist

Holy Trinity, Blakely
501 College Street                                                                Voice (229) 723-3971
POB 186, Blakely / 39823                                                         Fax (229) 723-3971
The Rev. Joe Clift, Supply Priest
Ms. Kathy Fraley, Senior Warden

King of Peace, Kingsland
6230 Laurel Island Parkway                                           Voice (912) 510-8958
Kingsland / 31548
The Rev. Al Crumpton, Rector

Our Savior, Martinez
4227 Columbia Road                                                             Voice (706) 863-1718
Martinez / 30907                                                                    Fax (706) 863-4530
The Rev. David Perkins, Priest in Charge
Ms. Donna Hardwick, Parish Admin.
Dr. Samuel Hunter, Organist
2321 Lumpkin Road                                                              Voice (706) 798-1482
Augusta / 30906-3014                                                       Fax (706) 798-8720
The Very Rev. Billy J. Alford, Rector
Deacon Rosalyn W. Panton
Ms. Judith Ruffin, Music Ministry

St. Andrew’s, Darien
310 Greene Street                                                                 Voice (912) 437-4562
P.O. Drawer 929, Darien / 31305                                               Fax (912) 437-5533
The Very Rev. Ted Clarkson, Rector
Ms. Carolyn Thomas, Parish Secretary
Ms. Diane Feeney, Music Ministry
St. Andrew’s, Douglas (SE)
204 South Coffee Avenue                                                      Voice (912) 384-1712
Douglas / 31533
The Rev. Donald Holland, Priest in Charge

St. Anne’s, Tifton
24th & Central                                                                     Voice (229) 382-7505
POB 889, Tifton / 31793-0889                                                   Fax (229) 386-5989
The Rev. Lonnie Lacy, Rector
Emily Guerry, Parish Secretary
Stanley Smith, Music Min.
Sally Adamson, Organist-in-Residence

St. Athanasius’, Brunswick
1321 Albany Street                                                               Voice (912) 342-8461
POB 977, Brunswick / 31521                                                     Fax 912-342-8460
The Rev. Iane Sastre, Supply Priest
Mrs. Charlene Parker, Senior Warden
Mr. Nicholas Germany, Junior Warden
Mr. David Pinckney, Music Minister
Ms. Nakkia Stanley, Parish Secretary

St. Augustine’s, Augusta
3321 Wheeler Road                                                              Voice (706) 738-6676
Augusta / 30909                                                                     Fax (706) 738-6686
The Rev. Jim Said, Rector
Amy Bradley, Lay Curate
Deacon Faye Forbes,
Deacon John Warner,
Ms. Nancy Moak, Parish Admin/Christian Formation
Ms. Carolyn Gaynor, Parish Secretary

St. Barnabas’, Valdosta
3565 Bemiss Road                                                                Voice (229) 242-5332
POB 3226, Valdosta / 31604-3226                                              Fax (229) 242-8944

The Rev. Stephen Norris, Vicar
Deacon Janet R. Robinson, Music Ministry

St. Bartholomew’s Chapel, Burroughs
Wild Heron at Chevis Road                      [St. Paul’s, Savannah] Voice (912) 232-0274
Savannah / 31419                                                                  Fax (912) 232-0337
The Very Rev. Wm Willoughby III Ed.D, Vicar
Mail: 1802 Abercorn Street, Savannah 31401

St. Cyprian’s, Darien
401 Fort King George Drive                                                          Voice (912) 437-4562
P.O. Drawer 929, Darien / 31305                                               Fax (912) 437-5533
The Very Rev. Ted Clarkson, Vicar
Mr. Wayne Tate, Music Ministry

St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Richmond Hill
16491 GA Highway 144                                                          Voice (912) 727-2650
Richmond Hill / 31324                                                              Fax (912) 727-2650
The Rev. Dr. Clark Hubbard, Rector

St. Francis of the Islands, Savannah
590 Walthour Road                                                               Voice (912) 897-5725
Savannah / 31410                                                                  Fax (912) 897-6311
The Rev. Lauren Flowers Byrd, Rector

St. George’s, Savannah
15 Willow Road / POB 61297                                                   Voice (912) 925-6517
Savannah / 31420
The Rev. James N. Parker, Rector
Claudia Griffis, Senior Warden

St. George’s CHAPEL, Diocesan House, SAVANNAH (S)
611 E. Bay Street                                                                 Voice (912) 236-427
Savannah / 31401-1296

St. James’, Quitman
306 N. Court Street / POB 864                                                Voice (229) 263-5053
Quitman / 31643
The Rev. Jim Elliott, Vicar
Deacon Nancy Sartin
Deacon Ned A. Simmons
Ms. Julie Van Ham, Parish Administrator
Ms. Emily Wall, Music Ministry
2425 Cherry Laurel Lane                                                        Voice (229) 436-5268
Albany / 31705                                                                       Fax (229) 789-0211
The Rev. Deacon Johnny Tuttle, Rector
The Rev. Deacon Ri Lamb        
Zibi Davidson, John & Cay King Music Ministry

St. John’s, Bainbridge
516 East Broughton Street                                           Voice (229) 246-3554
Bainbridge / 39817-4040                                                          Fax (229) 246-3554
Ms. Juliet Richards, Music Ministry

St. John’s, Savannah
1 West Macon Street                                                            Voice (912) 232-1251
Savannah / 31401                                                                  Fax (912) 232-5559
The Rev. Gavin G. Dunbar, Rector
The Rev. Craig E. O’Brien, Priest Associate
Mr. R. Steven Branyon, Organist-Choirmaster
Mrs. Janice W. Woods, Business Manager
Mrs. Wendy B. Corbin, Parish Administrator
Mrs. Caroline Hayes, Christian Education Director
155 Goshen Road                                                                 Voice (912) 826-3332
Rincon / 31326
The Rev. David Rose, Vicar
P.O. Box 273 / 138 South Dooley Street (Dooley and Broad Streets)
Hawkinsville / 31036                                                       (478) 892-9373
The Rev. Aaron Brewer, Rector
1499 South Main Street / POB 925                                           Voice (229) 616-1116
Moultrie / 31776
The Rev. F. Stan Christian, Priest in Charge 
The Rev. Deacon Sally Shovar Byers, Deacon

St. Mark’s, Brunswick
900 Gloucester Street                                                           Voice (912) 265-0600
POB 1155, Brunswick / 31521-1155                                            Fax (912) 265-0099
The Rev. Alan Akridge, Rector
Deacon Edward S. Williams
Ms. Beverly Talbert, Parish Administrator
Ms. Micki Turk, Ministries Coordinator
Mr. Nathaniel Roper, Music Ministry

Bedell Ave & 3rd Street / POB 626                                           Voice (912) 576-5005
Woodbine / 31569
The Rev. John Pearce, Lutheran Pastor in Charge
Mr. Ken Worthing, Organist

St. Mary Magdalene, Louisville
P.O. Box 2 / 321 West 7th Street                                                              Voice 706-829-7539
Louisville / 30434
The Rev. Terri Degenhardt, Priest-in-Charge
Hulet Kitterman, Senior Warden

St. Mary’s, Augusta
1114 Twelfth Street                                                              Voice (706) 722-6061
POB 2303, Augusta / 30903-2303                                              Fax (706) 722-6061
The Rev. Andrew Menger, Priest-in-Charge
Mary Gaffney Music Ministry
St. Matthew’s, Fitzgerald (Al)
212 West Pine Street
POB 1153, Fitzgerald / 31750-1153
The Rev. Hallock Martin, Priest in Charge
St. Matthew’s, Savannah (S)
1401 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd                                     Voice (912) 234-4440
Savannah / 31415                                                                  Fax (912) 234-0828
The Rev. Guillermo Arboleda, Priest-in-Charge,

St. Michael & All Angels, Savannah
3101 Waters Avenue                                                             Voice (912) 354-7230
Savannah / 31404-6259
The Rev. Kevin Kelly, Rector
Judy Naylor-Johnson, Parish Administrator,

St. Michael’s, Waynesboro
515 Liberty Street / POB 50                                                   Voice (706) 554-3465
Waynesboro / 30830
The Rev. Erwin Veale, Rector 
Cynthia Mann, Parish Secretary
Ms. Ginger Jenkins, Music Ministry

St. Patrick’s, Albany
4800 Old Dawson Road                                                          Voice (229) 432-7964
Albany / 31721

The Rev. Galen Mirate, Interim Rector
The Rev. Deacon Joy Davis
Ms. Diana Rogers, Parish Secretary
1285 Pine Barren Road                                                          Voice (912) 748-6016
POB 576, Pooler / 31322                                                     Fax (770)936-1972
The Rev. David Lemburg, Priest-in-Charge

St. Paul’s, Albany
212 N. Jefferson Street                                                         Voice (229) 436-0196
Albany / 31701                                                                       Fax (229) 436-1038

The Very Rev. Lee Lowery, Rector
Dr. Marcia Hood, Director of Music
Mr. Ken Williams, Organist
Debbie Godwin, Parish Administrator

Saint Paul’s Church, Augusta (Au)
605 Reynolds St.                                                                      Voice (706) 724-2485
Augusta / 30901                                                                      Fax (706) 724-0904
The Rev. George D. Muir, Rector
The Rev. John W. A. Jenkins, Assistant Rector
Mrs. Mary Jackson, Facility Manager
Mr. Keith Shafer, Director of Music
Mrs. Elisabeth Price, Parish Administrator
Ms. Ranie Neislar, Coordinator of Youth Ministries
Mrs. Meredith Beach, Parish Accountant,

St. Paul’s, Jesup
745 South Palm Street / POB 1291                                          Voice (912) 427-3900
Jesup / 31598-1291                                                                Fax (912) 427-0573
The Rev. Dee Shaffer, Rector
Ms. Tamara Jacobs, Parish Secretary

St. Paul the Apostle, Savannah
1802 Abercorn Street                                                            Voice (912) 232-0274
Savannah / 31401                                                                  Fax (912) 232-0337
The Very Rev. Wm Willoughby III Ed.D, Rector
The Rev. Canon Robert Carter, Priest Associate
The Rev. George Salley, Priest Associate
Deacon Susan E. Gahagan,
The Rev. Charles Todd, Vicar
The Rev. Michael Chaney, Curate
Ms. Kay Saussy, Parish Secretary
Dr. Irene Feddern, Organist
Colleen Willoughby, Youth Minister
3 West Ridge Road                                                               Voice (912) 598-7242
Savannah / 31411                                                                  Fax (912) 598-7012
The Rev. Hunt Priest, Rector
The Rev. Dr. Doris Buchanan Johnson,  Associate Rector
Ms. Geraldine McLean, Parish Secretary
Ms. Susan Mallgrave, Associate for Communications
Ms. Betsey Bass, Christian Education Director
Ms. Mary Delegal, Librarian
Ms. Janet Kuhn, Parish Nurse
Mr. Matt Rice, Youth Minister
Dr. Tim McKee, Music Director

St. Philip’s, Hinesville
302 E. General Stewart Way                                                  Voice (912) 876-2744
Hinesville / 31313
The Rev. Denise Ronn, Priest in Charge

St. Richard of Chichester, Jekyll Island
Meets in First Methodist Church, Riverview Drive
POB 13001
Jekyll Island / 31527

The Rev. Buzz Yarborough, Vicar
Deacon Phil Runge,

St. Thomas’, Savannah
2 St. Thomas’ Avenue                                                           Voice (912) 355-3110
Savannah / 31406                                                                  Fax (912) 354-4425
The Rev. Melanie Lemburg, Rector
Mrs. Frances Conner, Parish Administrator

St. Thomas’, Thomasville
216 Remington Avenue                                                          Voice (229) 226-5145
Thomasville / 31799                                                                Fax (229) 226-8696
The Rev. Dwayne Varas, Rector
The Rev. Deacon Scott Mithen
Mitch Rorick, Organist/Choirmaster

Trinity, Cochran
Cherry & Fifth Streets / POB 294                                            Voice (478) 934-2771
Cochran / 31014                                                Pastor Fisher’s Fax (478) 271-1901
The Rev. Joy H. Fisher, Team Minister (478) 271-1900
Ms. Kathy Jones, Parish Secretary

Trinity, Harlem
North Louisville Street / POB 275                                             Voice (706) 556-6282
Harlem / 30814
The Rev. Ray Whiting, Priest in Charge
Phil Boyd, Senior Warden
Cathy Ward, Assistant Warden
Diane Sheffield, Parish Secretary

Trinity, Statesboro
4401 Country Club Road                                                        Voice (912) 489-4208
POB 2005, Statesboro / 30459-2005
The Rev. Joan M. Kilian, Rector
Deacon Steven Darby
Deacon Natalie Whittle
Ms. Jessica Keeley, Parish Secretary
Ms. Lynn Wright, Music Ministry
Ms. Shirley Helmly, Music Ministry

Diocesan House

Diocesan House
611 East Bay Street
Savannah, Georgia 31401-1296
Phone (912) 236-4279
Fax (912)236-2007

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